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WingChun makes you smarter, faster, stronger.

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WingChun Strategy

A core tenet of WingChun is to directly attack the attacker or, when unfeasible, their attacking limbs. Rather than a defensive attitude, this proactive strategy informs application of all techniques you learn via our comprehensive curriculum. Each level is designed to gradually build your skills, knowledge and confidence. Eventually, a sense of sovereignty emerges which empowers you to live with less fear and higher performance.


Is WingChun right for you? If you are looking for a clear, step-by-step path of martial arts practice focused on effective Self-Defense, we may be a good fit. If you enjoy training cooperatively with friendly everyday people, then our community can support your goals.

Our system of WingChun developed circa 1998 as an innovation distinct from other lineages of “wing chun”. Its founder, Sifu Klaus Brand, identified practical deficiencies and technical inconsistencies that limited existing styles. Thus, he formulated a new system grounded in natural human biodynamics that strengthens your body and mind to better avoid or quickly resolve violent encounters.